As we have refined our combat system, we here at Logic Artists have discussed our principles of strategy versus tactics and what that really means in Expeditions: Conquistador. The 10 different character classes (11 if you count civilians!) allow players to develop a variety of strategies. For example, using elevation and cover to protect one’s units is important. So is forcing your enemy into choke-points (narrowings that few units may travel through simultaneously).

But what if the combat map doesn’t have any chokes? What if a player must choose between defensive high ground and crowd control? This is where tactics come into play. Tactics are the decisions we make as our strategies unfold. They are how and when we manoeuvre, when we are defensive and when we attack, which units we protect and which ones we sacrifice, when we break ranks to pick off weaker enemies, and when to hold the line.

We also grant the player the ability to purchase and build various objects (traps, barricades, etc.) that can be used to alter the playing field by fortifying positions, or forcing the enemy into vulnerable positions. Most of these objects can only be placed in the preparation phase of a fight when a player might try to employ their strategy to tip the odds in their favor. But once the fight is on, it will be the players’ quick thinking and agile manoeuvring (read: tactics) that will get them through safely.

We look forward to sharing with you all (in more detail) some of the strategies and tactics we have developed here at the studio, and can’t wait to hear about the ones you discover yourselves.