There are 5 types of character classes to build your expeditionary party with at the start of Expeditions: ConquistadorDoctor, Hunter, Scholar, Scout, and Soldier. Each of these classes has their own value and merit, with advantages and disadvantages.

It is important, as the party leader, for you to consider a balanced group to ensure the maximum benefit from each of the classes. Each class has 3 unique combat skills (one to start, and one more at each of the next two experience levels).


The only class able to heal injured party members both in and out of combat. Doctors begin with a high Herbalism skill, but are also capable of Hunting and Tinkering as well. Doctors are weak in both melee and ranged combat. The Doctor’s unique combat skills are Restore, Cure, and Revive.

Restore (Recruit)
Restores some of one ally’s lost Endurance

Cure (Man-at-Arms)
Removes all damage over time effects and negative effects from an ally unit and heals 15 – 25 Endurance.

Revive (Veteran)
Brings an incapacitated ally back to their feet with Endurance depending on the Doctor’s Rank.


The Hunter class is used out of combat primarily for Hunting and Preserving. The only camping skill they do not possess at first rank is Herbalism. In combat Hunters are specialized ranged units and are weak in melee. The Hunter’s unique combat skills are Rebuke, Quickshot, and Aimed Shot.

Rebuke (Recruit)
A weak melee attack that moves the target one space away from the Hunter (provided that the space is empty or that there is a tile to move to).

Quickshot (Man-at-Arms)
Allows the unit to make two successive ranged attacks, but with 30 points less of base accuracy.

Aimed Shot (Veteran)
Makes an attack with only half the normal distance penalties to accuracy at the cost of being a full turn action.


The Scholar class has a number of skills which are more heavily weighted outside of combat. Scholars start the game with a high Tinkering skill while having no points in Guarding or Patrolling. With tinkering they can build equipment for combat such as Barricades and Torches, but can also research new technology to help the entire party. In combat the unit has a special passive ability with each ranged attack (Weakness Exposed) in which the scholars insight helps all other units which attack the target in the same round to have a damage bonus. The Scholar’s unique combat skills are: Logistics, Coordinate Attack, and Distraction.

Logistics (Recruit)
Gives an ally 2 more moves this turn (+2 if the scholar is a veteran, additional +2 if Sergeant).

Coordinated Attack (Man-at-Arms)
Every unit will deal 10% more damage for the remainder of the turn.

Distraction (Veteran)
Reduces the melee and ranged damage for all enemies by 20% for 1 turn.


The Scout is the most powerful Spanish melee combat unit in the game and actually starts without a ranged weapon. While camping, Scouts are given a high Patrolling skill allowing them to search the surrounding area of the camp for supplies and signs of danger. In combat the Scout’s unique skills are: Feint, Sneak, and Throwing Knife.

Feint (Recruit)
Allows the scout to move directly through a hex occupied by an enemy unit and then attack them from the other side without incurring an attack of opportunity.

Sneak (Man-at-Arms)
By using sneak, the unit can only move at have speed but does not trigger Traps, Interrupts, or Attacks of Opportunity.

Throwing Knife (Veteran)
Throws a knife at a target 3 hexes away from the Scout.


The Soldier is the generic, utility unit in the party. While they begin the game with no Herbalism or Tinkering skill, the Soldier is best suited for Guarding and Patrolling. In combat the Soldier is a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ with the ability to deal strong melee damage and fire from range as well, however, they are best suited as front-line units and have the potential to be suited with the most armor in the game. The Soldier’s unique combat skills are: Flawless Defence, Stun, and Guard.

Flawless Defence (Recruit)
Adds the soldier’s melee attack to their defence for the remainder of the round.

Stun (Man-at-Arms)
A melee attack action which stuns the enemy unit and causing the enemy to lose its next turn.

Guard (Veteran)
All units adjacent to the Soldier get their Defence raised to match the Soldiers Defence.

Officer Skills
The last two Officers skills are available to every class once they reach the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant. There is only room in your party for 2 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant. The officers Combat Skills are:

Smoke Bomb (Sergeant)
Throws a bomb that adds partial cover in a one-space radius around the target.

Rally (Lieutenant)
All other units move 3 spaces toward the Lieutenant and ignore Attacks-of-Opportunity.

There are also 5 native classes which you may meet on your travels they are the Trapper, Shaman, Warrior, Amazon, and Champion. They each also have 3 unique combat skills.


Similar to the Hunter, the trapper is a strong ranged unit but weak in melee. Their unique combat skills are: Quick-Shot, Poison Sting, Hailstorm.

Quick-Shot (Recruit)
Allows the unit to make two successive ranged attacks, but with 30 points less of base accuracy.

Poison Sting (Man-at-Arms)
Applies a small damage-over-time effect on hit.

Hailstorm (Veteran)
Makes an Area-of-Effect ranged attack on 5 random hexes in and around the target location.


In some ways similar to the Doctor but melee exclusive, the shaman is the Native support class. Shamans also have the passive attack modifier Poison Tip which is added to their basic attack causing a damage-over-time modifier to be applied to the target of their attack. The Shaman’s unique combat skills are: Restore, Curse, and Terrify.

Restore (Recruit)
Restores some of one ally’s lost Endurance.

Curse (Man-at-Arms)
Puts a penalty on the target’s attack/defence for three turns.

Terrify (Veteran)
Force the target to move its speed away from the Shaman.


The warrior is similar to a Soldier but with exceptional movement like a Scout. The Warrior’s unique combat skills are: Sneak, Taunt, and Anticipate Opening.

Sneak (Recruit)
By using sneak, the unit will move at have speed but does not trigger Traps, Interrupts, or Attacks of Opportunity.

Taunt (Man-at-Arms)
Forces the target to move three hexes closer to the Warrior.

Anticipate Opening (Veteran)
Guarantees that any attack next turn by the Warrior will be a critical strike.


The Amazon is an all-around fighter with a variety of abilities both ranged and melee. Their unique combat abilities are: Acrobatic Strike, Poison Sting, and Deft Strike.

Acrobatic Strike (Recruit)
Attack the enemy and simultaneously move one hex away.

Poison Sting (Man-at-Arms)
Applies a small damage-over-time effect on hit.

Deft Strike (Veteran)
Make an attack that ignores enemy Defence.



The Champion is a higher-damage version of the soldier. Their unique combat skills include: Stun, Charge, and Swipe.

Stun (Recruit)
A melee attack action which stuns the enemy unit and causing the enemy to lose its next turn.

Charge (Man-at-Arms)
Adds 5 extra damage for every hex moved before the attack.

Swipe (Veteran)
Attack 3 adjacent spaces simultaneously.